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About My Book

With the wealth of teaching and practice experience, Mr. Carangue desires to help law firms and individual law practitioners comply with the Florida Bar requirements regarding trust accounting.  He wrote, ‘Managing Trust Accounts of Florida Lawyers’.

This book serves to educate anyone regarding the minimum standards and the application of those standards in order to be in compliance with the Rules.  It addresses several issues with regards maintaining trust accounts which include outstanding checks (that have been outstanding for too long), trust balances, dormancy, fraud, bank reconciliations, and possible Florida Bar audits. This guide book will also teach you the steps in establishing an IOTA.  It also covers the procedures and the safeguards that must be in place to insure that clients’ funds are accounted for accurately.

The book also aims to help accountants who want to know trust accounting rules and procedures as set by the Florida Bar and ensure application of the same as part of their accounting responsibilities.  Accountants’ technical know-how, together with the lawyer’s overall responsibility, make sure compliance of the Rules.

Whether the attorney is just establishing a practice or has been in practice for some time or is leaving the profession, if an IOTA was opened where funds were deposited and disbursed, proper record keeping must be maintained. The Florida Bar has issued specific guidelines on the minimum requirements with regards trust account maintenance and record keeping. This book aims to guide and make the attorney aware of his IOTA responsibilities.

Carangue & Carangue, PA recognizes the importance of accurate trust accounting.  All trust transactions must be in compliance with Florida Bar Standards and guidelines.  Trust reports must accompanied by complete and detailed reconciliation schedules. While many lawyers are aware of their fiduciary responsibilities, many do not know how to implement them. Our firm can assess your current trust accounting procedures in place and help you better comply with the Florida Bar standards and guidelines.

Mr. Carangue would be happy to give a talk or seminar regarding trust accounting. If you want a copy of the book, gives us a call.

“I have been practicing law for 45 years with considerable time being related to professional ethics and trust account issues.  From 1988 to 1989, I was President of The Florida Bar. In that capacity I closely associated with staff bar counsel and monitored, and continue to monitor, ethical issues which include trust accounting issues.  Management of trust accounts in Florida, and, presumably other states as well, by Florida lawyers, is a significant challenge with many lawyers not fully understanding their responsibilities.  Many lawyers find the trust account rules confusing and unduly burdensome.  Mr. Carangue’s book is, to the best of my knowledge, the first definitive treatise which addresses trust account issues and serves as a valuable guide for the practitioner, especially the sole practitioner or small law firm.  It is a must read.  I recommend it to my clients and have recommended it to The Florida Bar.”

Rutledge R. Liles
Liles, Gavin, Costantino, George & Dearing, P.A.

“Managing Trust Accounts of Florida Lawyers’ is a great resource to review to make sure you stay in compliance in this critical area that is the quickest way for a lawyer to receive disciplinary action by The Florida Bar.”

Don St. Denis
St. Denis & Davey, P.A.