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Sales and Use Tax Consulting

Sales & Use Tax Recovery Service
At Carangue + Carangue, P.A., we provide sales and use tax consulting services to a variety of businesses. Our main focus is identifying areas where sales and use tax was overpaid and obtaining refunds of those overpayments.

Our accounting and auditing professionals come to your premises. We review your accounting of sales and use tax and determine whether your business is taking advantage of sales and use tax exemptions. After finding overpayments, we prepare all the necessary documentation for a refund application and submit the application to the state’s revenue department, or your vendors, whichever is applicable.

Our work is on contingency fee basis. No fee is charged until you received your refund. There is no charge for our time or expenses. We do not charge for “future savings”.

Benefits to this service include:

  • Analysis of tax assessments, both in-process and post-audit.
  • Working with tax authorities on your behalf.
  • Internal reviews and recommendations for sales tax compliance and accuracy.

Compliance Review
State audits affect all businesses – large and small companies that file irregular returns or to a great degree, selected by chance. Whatever the reason of the audit, no company should wait for an audit to determine if it has complied with sales and use tax laws and regulations and pay hefty penalty and interest.

By reviewing a sample period of your accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales tax returns, and related accounting, our Compliance Review service will provide unbiased information with emphasis on overpayments and underpayments of sales and use tax.

Benefits to this service include:

  • Taking corrective actions which will eliminate interest and penalties of future audits.
  • Identifying overpayment of tax and present it to a form that you can easily use to either apply for refund or reduce future tax liabilities.
  • An assessment of accuracy of the tax rates used to collect taxes from your customer or paid to the state.
  • Review of your returns for completeness, calculation errors and general accuracy.
  • An assessment on whether you keep correct documentation to support exempt sales, exempt purchases or whether you are eligible for an exemption but are unaware of.

Our Compliance Review is provided on an hourly fee and is nominal in comparison to the out-of-pocket expense resulting from non-compliance. Call us today for a free written proposal and estimate. You can also send us a message via our contact page.

State Sales Tax Audit
Given the complexities of Sales and Use Tax Law, coupled with the aggressive approaches of State Tax Auditors, Sales Tax audits can be complicated, time consuming, and ultimately, expensive.

We can assist you with your audit from any point in the process, from audit inception to mid-audit or even after the assessment has been paid. We meet with the tax department on your behalf to remove erroneously assessed exempt items, identify overpayments of tax (often “overlooked” by auditors!), insure the auditor uses sound auditing techniques and negotiate the disposition of ambiguous issues.

Although we can initiate our representation at any time in the audit process, it is generally most advantageous to our clients when we are engaged prior to the start of audit. This will allow us to manage the entire process thereby ensuring the audit process is completed correctly and protecting your rights throughout the audit process.